Baby Squid

Product Description

Squids are a popular seafood all around the world. In English, the culinary name 'calamari' is often used to refer dishes with squids. Squid can be prepared in a variety of ways including grilling, boiling, searing, frying or even eating raw.
Baby Squid price in Pakistan varies with the availability. The rate below is the pre-cutting weight per Kg. The Net weight will be lower.

From Rs 600

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Delivery charges

The following is the delivery details for Baby Squid in Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore:

For Karachi: Delivery charges for home delivery in Karachi is Rs 100.
For Lahore: Home delivery can be provided to residents of Lahore with delivery charges.
Rest of Pakistan: Delivery will be properly packed and dispatch as per your requested method such as Pak Railway or Daewoo. Delivery charges will be borne by the Customer.
* The total price will depend upon the final weight of the Baby Squid.

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