Mulla Fish (Emperor Fish)

Product Description

Mulla Fish is also known as Emperor Fish in English. Eating Mulla Fish provides numerous health benefits including reducing risk of heart diseases, asthma and cancer. It also aids in improving eye sight, brain development as well as keeping skin and hair younger. Mulla Fish is available for online delivery at Order now.
Mulla Fish (Emperor Fish) price in Pakistan varies with the availability. The rate below is the pre-cutting weight per Kg. The Net weight will be lower.

From Rs 850

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Delivery charges

The following is the delivery details for Mulla Fish (Emperor Fish) in Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore:

For Karachi: Delivery charges for home delivery in Karachi is Rs 100.
For Lahore: Home delivery can be provided to residents of Lahore with delivery charges.
Rest of Pakistan: Delivery will be properly packed and dispatch as per your requested method such as Pak Railway or Daewoo. Delivery charges will be borne by the Customer.
* The total price will depend upon the final weight of the Mulla Fish (Emperor Fish).

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